20 Pictures Representing the Beauty of Women


Moroccan website Happy Knowledge published unusual images of Moroccan women throughout history, showing the wonderful beauty of Moroccan women from nearly all regions of the nation.


The women, mainly worn luxurious conventional outfit with old precious jewelry, all expose Moroccan beauty and kindness.


The twenty images also show how women`s dress and fashion varies in between areas within the kingdom.


The clothes, comprise, and the appearance of all the Moroccan women in the pictures reveal the variety of Moroccan cultures and ethnic backgrounds, while beauty continues to be the typical aspect that defines and bindsthe Moroccan women.


I can t put it much better than the Arab poet Jebran Khalil Jebran who stated in Broken Wings, A woman whom Providence has actually supplied with beauty of spirit and body is a fact, at the same time both open and secret, which we can comprehend only by love, and touch just by virtue; and when we try to describe such a woman in words she disappears like vapor.


womans beauty!

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