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  Quiet, from the heart eternally.
  Vigorously, a grand and magnificent enterprise, facing the manufacturing industry globalization tide rushes from the people, to keep cool, calm. "Fear clouds cover looking eyes, just because at the top", our minds from our height, our highly from us to the market, precise control of innovation of product design and manufacturing precision, excellent vision and excellent strength so that we dare to face the market situation, Hengdao immediately do a job with skill and ease.
  Enterprise spirit: the pursuit of quality and brand
  Motto: do prior life
  Operating principle: the quality to win the trust of customers, service from competitors
  Goal: to revitalize national industry, striving for famous brand enterprise
  Service concept: the implementation of service value in action
  Customer: to achieve a win-win situation
  Standard: store image standardization, business integration, management standardized, orderly competition
  Quality policy: the customer is the main goal of the enterprise, continuous improvement is the eternal pursuit of staff
  Quality concept: quality products, product display character.
  Quality objectives: nonconforming product repair rate is 0.1%, the rate of customer complaints 0.1%
  Employee conduct standard: honest and trustworthy, pioneering and enterprising, solidarity and cooperation, dedication
  The idea of people: employees are not wage earners, the same is to one family
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