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  Simple and smooth, harmonious atmosphere, full of strength, easy identification and breakthrough innovation, combined with the humanistic spirit give logo very powerful inner charm.
  Interpretation signs:
  The whole logo in text mode design, vertical industry benchmarking, tree business model, leading the trend, to grasp the market dynamics will express industry. Personality, full of vigor, stable, easy to spread, reflect the personalized brand characteristics to the door. In the text after dealing with the art form of Hercules shape, both Become, com., reflect the strong industry is full of infinite power, like Hercules dare to try, not afraid of difficulties, bravely before spirit. Structure, give a person a kind of special and novel feeling, atmosphere without exaggeration, the signs are more modern and artistic sense, but also more breakthrough. The characteristics of this company's products better and to combine (power, atmosphere, practical) shows broad vision of enterprise and the lofty ideal.
  Visual positioning:
  Simplicity -- easy to identify
  Bright -- embodied energy
  International -- reflects the steady, harmonious, the difference between the traditional

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