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The group standards of
   On August 17th, the "Zhejiang Manufacturing" group standard review meeting of "Steel Incoming Fire Door" was held at China Hercules Group. As the drafting unit of this standard, Li Guoli Group, Chairman Chaiwensheng, as an industry expert, led the group's technical engineers to participate in the review meeting.    The review experts participating in this review meeting include: Linwen, Zhejiang Provincial Institute of Standardization, and Yaosongjing, Tianjin Fire Research Institute Testing Center, Ministry of Emergency Management. The audit team passed the careful review and heated discussion. The final five experts gave full recognition to the group standards of "Steel Incoming Fire Door" and "Made in Zhejiang" drafted by Hercules Group and obtained unanimous approval!
    The word label is the logo of the "made in Zhejiang" brand, and "made in Zhejiang" is the regional brand image logo of the advanced nature of Zhejiang manufacturing industry and the "benchmark" of Zhejiang manufacturing industry. In general, the industry standards are stricter than the industry standards, and the industry standards are stricter than the National standards. It can be said that only the cutting-edge enterprises in the industry can pick the pearl of the "word mark". Can be used as a drafting unit for "Zhejiang Manufacturing" standards. This is a manifestation of the strength of Hercules Group. All along, Hercules
     Group has been committed to meeting the needs of users to create a high-quality door industry. After many years of quality accumulation and technological precipitation, Hercules Group has grown into a "quality spokesperson" for the door industry.
   The drafting of the "Zhejiang Manufacturing" industry standard reflects the example of Hercules to lead the industry to do a good job in quality, and also reflects the leadership of Hercules in the industry. I believe that the introduction of the standard, will be further improve the fire entry door of the entire industry quality standards.

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